Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Ships, New Tactics, New Targets!

I sat inside the cockpit of my new Pilgrim. Not exactly the most amazing vessel out there but it did have its perks. Tonight I was going to test this baby out on some unsuspecting prey. Joining me on this trip would be my good friend and corp mate Douglan. Apparently, he wanted to test out his nemesis.

After a few jumps we arrived into Elarel. Checking the comms I saw that no one was here but we decided to wait for a bit and see if someone would come and start attacking the Serpentis ships that lingered in most of the asteroid belts. No Luck...

I decided we should search elsewhere for targets and we began jumping to different systems looking for some meat. About 15 minutes later we arrived into Mannar. Doing a quick scan we confirmed that there were four pilots in system and at least three of them were undocked engaging the local Serpentis pirates. I gave Douglan the order to sit next to the Olide gate leading out of the system as I cloaked up my ship to find out where these pilots were located.

It wasn't very hard since these pilots were probably fresh out of the Navy Academy and had no clue how to use their on board ship scanners effectively. In about 2 minutes I had them scanned down and was sitting 100km away from them cloaked observing their actions and taking note of their ships. Two thoraxes and a Osprey. I decided to let them have their fun for now and decided to warp to the next belt at a closer distance.

Upon warping into the next asteroid belt my ship hit a rock and de-cloaked. I was furious. Would the cruisers see me on their scanners and decide to dock up? I moved away from the rock as fast as I could and recloaked up. I hailed Douglan to warp to me but told him to keep a good distance away. A couple minutes ticked by... They still showed up on my ships scanner but why didn't they come here yet? Maybe they were looting the serpentis ships they had just destroyed. I stopped questioning what was going on when their ships warped to my location about 7km away.

Pilgrim, Nemesis vs. 2x Thorax, Osprey

My heart started racing as I called out the primary target, Thracer. We were still cloaked up as I drifted slowly towards them. 6km...5km...4km...DECLOAK! My ship seemed to materialize from nothing as my cloak deactivated. Douglan appeared behind me 50km away from me. Neutralizers activated and drones released we engaged Thracer. The fight wasn't a very long fight but the three of them fought back with everything they had. But, they just couldn't fight a battle with no capacitor.

The three of them fell and I moved in quickly for my reward. Decent loot I guess. I continued to skim through the contents of the loot as we waited for Concord to stop flagging us as criminals. Once the timer was up we jumped back over to Elarel to see if it was still empty. There was a lone vexor there roaming the belts. Wasn't too long before we had it pin pointed in a belt and before long I was sitting right next to it cloaked.

Pilgrim, Nemesis vs. Vexor

The fight wasn't exactly fair to be honest. I tore through the ships hull in seconds. By the time we finished the Vexor off it was pretty late and we decided to dock up for the night. Hopefully I'll get to fight some bigger ships with this one.

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